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Natural Relaxant & Nerve Support

Epsom salt is a mineral based compound made up of magnesium and sulphate. Your body uses these minerals for all kinds of important processes.

Magnesium is known to support your nerve and muscle function, and it is also a powerful natural relaxant for the tissues and muscles in your body.

A Remedy For Magnesium Deficiency

On a side note, many people are deficient in magnesium. Since you can absorb it through your skin you will be help your body balance out any magnesium deficiencies by taking an epsom salt bath.


Magnesium is also an anti-inflammatory, so it will soothe any overactivity in your body and relieve symptoms of inflammation, such as sore joints.

More Energy

Magnesium is also involved with improving the oxygen levels in your blood, because of this boost in oxygen, your cells will have more energy (since they create energy using oxygen) and you will feel more alert and energized.

Supports Your Joints, Skin & Tissues

Sulphate is one of the main building blocks for your joints, skin and tissues. It is an essential nutrient that your body needs in order to rebuild and repair itself.

Releases Water Retention

Taking an epsom salt bath has been shown to cause your body to shed the water that it’s retaining. So if you are feeling bloated and weighed down, an epsom salt bath may be just what you need!

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