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DIM (diindolymethane) is a food based compound sourced from cruciferous vegetables.

DIM helps prevent the cancers that are related to processing estrogen in your body.

This supplement has been found to help people with estrogen imbalances.

My Experience

I originally started supplementing with DIM to try and cure my acne, as I had read many testimonials about DIM being a natural treatment for acne.

After further research however, I discovered that the type of acne that DIM treats (the acne related to estrogen dominance) was not the type of acne I was dealing with.

Mostly likely if your acne shows up as cysts along your jawline, you’re dealing with hormonal acne caused by estrogen dominance (I wasn’t).

Instead of just throwing the bottle out, I decided to continue taking DIM since it is relatively safe, food based, and has no severe side effects.

After a month I noticed that my skin did clear up a bit, but not totally.

DIM also shortened my menstrual cycle. Typically, my cycle is between 33-40 days. After just one month of taking a capsule a day, my cycle went down to 29 days. I couldn’t remember the┬álast time my cycle had been that short.

It also thinned out my waist, on account of shedding water weight.

It is very well known that because DIM balances out your hormones, a great side effect of that it is causes your body to release the water it’s retaining.

Lastly, it made my breasts grow. They swelled up as if I was pregnant, and since I was never blessed with a large chest, BONUS!

All of these benefits make me want to continue taking this supplement. Let me know what your experiences have been with DIM.

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