The Education Investment of Yourself

In this video I reveal that the greatest investment that you could ever make is the education investment of yourself. Enjoy!

A Brief Overview

This video is based on the conclusions of Viktor E. Frankl. An M.D., Ph D. and psychotherapist who endured the Natzi concentration camps during WWII. During his time as a prisoner in Germany, he analyzed the other people in the camp as well as himself. He survived, and to the great benefit of our world, wrote a book about his discoveries to pass on to us titled Man’s Search For Meaning.

His main message is that of everything that can be stripped and taken away from you (he would know), one thing remains that he refers to as “the last of the human freedom”. It is your attitude, and your ability to “choose your own way.” It is one of the most famous quotes from his book. Now that we know this, we can make investing in ourselves and our minds a high priority in our life. When you set aside time and energy to purely invest in yourself through education, different spiritual exercises, as well as your physical health, you are truly strengthening the essence of who you are. The part that can never be taken from you. This does not have to be a radical process, you can take it step-by-step, and each day build up a routine that will continually strengthen yourself, day-by day. Remember, a fence that goes up quickly will also fall down quickly. Think about this as a life long project, spanning over a period of decades.

I also mentioned that Viktor Frankl made the profound observation that the other prisoners of the camp who felt as if they had no purpose for themselves and no reason to live were the first to perish. A lack of a higher purpose causes you to be weak, more likely to fail, and in some cases–as Viktor witnessed–even die. This does not seem surprising at first, but you would be surprised at how many people do not hold a clear higher purpose for themselves. If you don’t, it’s okay. You can start your journey to discovering what it is today.

I hope that this video opened your mind and imparted some wisdom into your understanding about life.

Much love xx.




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