When Is It Time To End A Relationship – The Signs

In this video I share 5 reasons that will give you an indication of when it is time to end a relationship. These reasons are based on my own personal experiences, as well as through processes. I hope that they help you out with whatever circumstance that you may be facing. Remember, “this too shall pass”.


Dead End Relationship Signs (Video Summary)


1. Use Your Emotional Compass

Your heart cannot deceive you, if you are with someone, and you feel any kind of negative emotion frequently in their presence, that is the number one sign that you need to hit the road. Be it uneasiness, fear, sadness, anger or anything that simply does not make you feel good, this is an extremely important red flag that you need to pay attention to. Listen to your gut! It is almost always right.

2. If Your Partner/Friend Abuses You In Any Way

There are many forms of abuse. Emotional, physical, psychological, and even that not-so-obvious things. Like a cruel comment that is passed off as a joke, or being belittled, or having your deepest desires laughed at and rejected. Sometimes, the people that are the closes to us can do things like this to us, and this is not okay. If this happens to you, this person doesn’t really care about you, and if they do, they are too emotionally unstable to maintain a relationship with you that will nourish your and bring you up rather than drag you down. Either way, it would be a good idea to consider ending the relationship.

3. If They Try To Change You

Relationships are meant to foster love and connection, not control and a power struggle. If someone is always trying to change you, and is never satisfied with the way you are today, it will make you feel as if you are “not good enough”. This is terrible for your self-image and self-esteem. Seek out friends and partners who support and love you, rather than criticize and attempt to mold you.

4. If They Hurt Others

If someone seeks to hurt others, they do not regard the world as something to love and treat fairly. You will ultimately find yourself being burned as well, because you are no different than the rest of the world to someone. If you want friends who will not betray you and stay true to you, don’t go for the ones that are displaying dishonestly and disrespect to the people/things in their environment.

5. You Do Not Share Core Values

It is very difficult to foster a deep, intimate connection with someone who does not share your core values. Especially the big picture perspectives about the world. Of course, it’s not impossible, but if you are looking for a deep, genuine, heart to the connection, just keep this in mind.


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