Motivational Quotes For Success

Here is a video I created below with some of the most memorable motivational quotes for success.

The speakers in this video evoked a maddening motivation for me to follow my heart, and aspire to live the life that would truly make me happy.

I deeply hope that it will do the same for you.


If you are curious. The speakers in this video are as follows:

Jim Carrey

Alan Watts

Les Brown

J.K. Rowling

Steve Jobs

John Ortberg

Elliott Hulse

Charles Bukowski (“You will ride life straight to perfect laughter” it’s his poem but the narration is by someone else).

Do not fear failure, it is actually a gift in disguise. Do not ever think that you have something to lose, because as you heard, “it all goes back in the box”.

Ask yourself everyday, “what matters?”


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