The Mental Equivalent by Emmet Fox

The Mental Equivalent by Emmet FoxThe Mental Equivalent by Emmet Fox is a short work about what is required of the mind for the secret of successful living. The main points that you will gain from this work are:

  • This is a mental world
  • For whatever you want in life, you must build up a mental equivalent
  • A mental equivalent entails thinking that has two qualities: clearness and interest
  • True feeling in thought is interest
  • You must get interested in what you want
  • You cannot get interested in something unless you love it
  • Do not dwell on negative things, replace them with constructive things
  • You must change your thought about a condition in your life, and keep it changed in order to see it manifest in the real world


Is This Work For You?

This work is for you if you believe in the law of attraction, universal laws, the teachings of ancient scripture, and ideas of this nature.

If you are a very skeptical individual who requires scientific proof and data before believing in a particular theory about the workings of the world, this work does not provide that.

This work simply provides the paradigm for a new way of perceiving reality, and a new method for intentionally living the life that you truly desire.

Even if you are extremely evidence-oriented however, I still feel that Emmet imparts a lot of intuitive wisdom on his readers.

My Conclusion

I give this work an 8/10. I think that for those who are more open-minded and willing to consider the idea of “cosmic laws” that govern the trajectory of our lives can really gain a ton of wisdom from Emmet.

I have been researching self-development for years and some of the most trusted names in the industry speak of these cosmic laws, and they just keep coming up over and over again.

I really believe, based on my own experiences and learning, that our world truly is the result of our thoughts. Our lives really are a reflection of what we project from our minds.

“You become what you think about” – Earl Nightingale

Seeing as how I had already come across these ideas before reading this work, I am unfortunately not an impartial reader!

I can see someone reading this however–who has a very fact-driven mindset–that just wouldn’t buy into the teachings in this work. So my only con is that it wouldn’t reach as many people as it potentially could if it had references.

You must have faith in the things that you do not understand to gain anything valuable from The Mental Equivalent.

I have faith. Do you?

Have you read The Mental Equivalent? What did you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!







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