The Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

The spiritual benefits of meditation are numerous, and quite significant. Scientific studies, data, and academic papers all state that meditation is a powerful practice, and it has even been likened to a “miracle drug.”

Makes You Happier

Regular meditation has been found to increase positive feelings such as:

  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Contentment
  • Hope
  • Pride
  • Interest
  • Amusement

When you experience these positive emotions more often, you are automatically happier.

This study also discovered that meditation increases one’s capacity to draw on their personal resources that included:

  • Mindful attention
  • Self-acceptance
  • Positive relations with others
  • Good physical health

Even if just one of these qualities was boosted in someone’s life, it would make a powerful difference.

Improves Your Relationships

Another study done at Harvard and Northeastern University found evidence that meditation enhances our ability to be more compassionate and connect with others. It strengthens our empathy.

Empathy, I believe, is the “miracle drug” for all social strife. Learning how to be more empathetic is one of the most important skills to cultivate in your life.

It is not surprising to see that meditation is yet another pathway to becoming more empathetic.

Boosts Creativity

If you are seeking out new ideas and that burst of creativity, try meditation. It has long been touted that the big ideas are the ones that you have to delve deep for.

You have to look deep within yourself to see them, and that is where meditation plays a part.

Note: From the book Catching Big Fish.


Increases Concentration

Research has also discovered that those who meditate have experience with stilling their minds and increasing their focus.

They are better adapted to bustling environments with blinking lights, blaring sounds, and an overload of stimulation. Sound familiar? They can easily block out distractions and concentrate on the task at hand. This also means that they are more productive.


Here is a simple beginner’s guide to getting started with meditation.

Here is an excellent in-depth guide to meditation along with additional resources.

If these benefits still haven’t compelled you to give meditation a shot, I don’t know what will. The evidence is startling, and just a simple ten minutes out of your day is a small exchange compared to what you will gain in return.

Note: I did not come up with these points myself, they are summarized from Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive, a work about increasing your overall well-being and re-defining what it means to be successful. 

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