Emotional Awareness Exercises

Practicing emotional awareness exercises on a regular basis is part of a solid foundation for a life lived to its fullest.

They will reduce your stress, enhance your relationships, and enable you to understand yourself.

Below are four emotional awareness exercises that have helped me tremendously on my emotional awareness journey.

1. Meditate

You’ve probably heard it time and again, meditation. This is in my opinion the most powerful way to become aware of your emotional state.

When you meditate, you are putting a spotlight on your thoughts, feelings, and your body. What better way is there to become aware of your emotions than to simply give it your undivided attention.

This easy beginner’s guide on meditating invites you to focus your attention on your breathing and being in the present.

You’ll notice a lot of thoughts and emotions circling in your mind, and taking note of them is a direct method for becoming emotionally aware.

2. Ensure That You Are Well Rested

Sleep deprivation is the easiest way for you to become disconnected with yourself and get lost in the everyday stresses of life.

When all you want to do is go back to bed, do you think you’ll be in the mood for mindfulness, being present, or anything for that matter?

You will only be in the mood for overeating, complaining to everyone about how tired you are, and killing time. I’m sure you know the experience of completely writing off your day because you attempted to function off of 4 hours of sleep.

You need 7-8 hours, at least. Take your sleep seriously!

Here are 7 ways on how to get more sleep.

3. Focus On Your Needs

Your emotions are triggered by your needs. If your needs are not being met, and are somehow preventing you from living a fulfilling life, you will experience negative emotions.

Did you ever have a friend talk behind your back? If you felt the sting of betrayal and hurt, it’s because your need for respect and trust was not met.

Teaching yourself to focus on your needs and how to get them met will inevitably lead you to become more aware of your emotions.

You cannot identify your needs without first recognizing your feelings. This method is extremely useful not just for emotional awareness, but also conflict resolution and self-love.

4. Keep A Journal

Just for yourself. The power of a “dear diary” everyday can unlock your innermost mysteries.

Write down the things that happen to you, how you are feeling, your thoughts, anything that you want.

When you read back and review, you’ll notice patterns in your thinking.You’ll become acutely aware of what you actually care about, and that in itself is often the answer we secretly want.

Reveal it.

You might even shock yourself with some of the things you write, and wonder, “did I really think that?”

Just the act of writing down your feelings in the present will again bring you to that place of mindfulness where you can examine your emotions with clarity.


There are many more ways to strengthen your emotional awareness, but these are the methods that I have found to be the easiest and most effective.

Do you have any techniques that you have found to be helpful for becoming emotionally aware? I invite you to share with us below.


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