How To Listen To Your Gut

Learning how to listen to your gut is a lifelong and worthwhile endeavour. Your gut, your heart or your inner voice is the part of yourself that is truly yours. It does not originate–like many other parts of ourselves–from the words or opinions of others.

It is the voice of your soul, and when you know how to listen to it you are much more powerful. This article offers guidance and insights for enabling you to tune into your gut.

Like Falling In Love, You Will Just Know

When your gut instinct kicks in, it is similar to falling in love. There is no other feeling quite like it, it is distinct, it is a very particular experience. However, unlike falling in love listening to your heart can be a lot more subtle.

Your gut can speak to you in many ways. Some have recounted an actual voice inside themselves, literally speaking to them. Some just remembered “a feeling”…something pulling within them that they luckily paid attention to.

For others, your gut can speak to you from the outside in the form of “omens” or “synchronicities”. These are coincidental happenings, or strange encounters with the right people that appear to point you in a certain direction and seem to be governed by a higher power.

These kind of events have happened in my own life when I ventured to a boom town in my pursuit of easy money.

People have been relying on voices, signs, and their inner wisdom for centuries. Science has finally caught up and confirmed the validity of intuition-based decision making.

It has been proven that the beliefs you hold in your mind carry the power to shape your life, so believe in the power that your heart holds and do not dismiss your deep-seated feelings when you make your choices.

Ask yourself if you have ever heard a wise voice in your mind, or experienced an odd feeling that was not part of the mundane hum-drum of your everyday thoughts. Review your past and take note of any strange coincidences that occurred that perhaps were not purely arbitrary.

When It is Quiet, It is Easier To Listen

If you want to draw out the messages of your inner voice, engage in activities that encourage self-reflection.

Seek Solitude

Listening to your gut is something that you experience alone. It can be a flash of awareness or a slow realization, but no matter how it is revealed, you are always alone. Here are some activities that I have found to be especially helpful for listening to your heart:


Along with all the countless health benefits of meditation, simply sitting alone with yourself and focusing on your breath for 10-20 minutes everyday does wonders for getting back in touch with your intuition. Here is a beginner’s guide to start meditating.

Go For Walks

It is often touted that going for walks clears the mind and stimulates creativity. A study also found that going for a 20 minute walk outside can significantly boost your mood. Go for a walk outside, leave your cell phone at home, and just focus on what’s around you.

Be present, and enjoy your surroundings. Often times when I was able to slip out of my chaotic thoughts with the help of a walk, important realizations dawned on me about my life that I was only slightly aware of until I made the effort to clear my mind with a simple outdoor adventure.

Keep A Journal

Writing a diary just for yourself is a fantastic way to blow away all the cobwebs in your mind and uncover the gems. As you reflect on your life and your thoughts through writing you will come to notice patterns of your thinking, ideas, your values, your desires….you will come to know yourself.

Understanding yourself is a direct path to the knowings in your heart.

Another fundamental way to listen to your gut is to discover what you are passionate about. In my article how to find your life purpose I provide four detailed methods for identifying your passion and purpose.

Are there any other strategies that you have found to be particularly helpful for tuning into your intuition? Do you think that your gut is speaking to you, but you have doubts about listening to it? Let us know in the comments below.




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