How To Describe Some Personal Habits That Are Important To You

Filling out a personal profile? Not sure how to describe some personal habits that are important to you? This article will give you guidance for discovering your values and yourself.

Taking A Look In The Mirror

Personal habits are the daily habits that you engage in everyday, from brushing your teeth, to watching your favourite show, to scrolling through your Facebook feed.

Your daily habits are what essentially make up your character. What you do on a daily basis will either take your life to a higher level, to a lower level, or keep it static.

It is extremely important to know yourself.

Knowing yourself, your passions, and your purpose will give your life direction and people are drawn to individuals who are going somewhere.

The first thing you need to do is sit down with a piece of paper and write out your values. What is important to you? Family? Friends? Work?

If you are not sure what you value, an effective exercise you can try is to imagine that you are going to die in six months time. Really imagine that you will die. What would you do with the time you have left?

If you think deeply about it, what is important to you will become quite clear.


After you have written out a list of your values, write out what you do on a daily basis. Walk yourself through a typical day and list out all of the activities that you undertake.

Now put the two lists side by side, and pick out the daily activities that you engage in that contribute to what you value. These are your personal habits that mean something.

For example, say you value your health, and you listed one of your daily activities as going for a run every morning. This is an excellent personal habit to take note of, because it is a clear indication that you really do value your health.

For more ideas on which personal habits that are worth adopting, read this article on The Top Ten Personal Habits.

Lastly, be candid with yourself. Don’t list out a personal habit that you know isn’t true to your character. One of the first steps for living a happy life is honesty, with both others and yourself. Be willing to face the truth, but don’t judge yourself. Just see the truth with kind eyes. If you don’t like what you see, there is nothing stopping you from changing it.

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