The Top Ten Personal Habits

What are the top ten personal habits of successful people? When people wonder what separates the champions from the underachievers, they tend to assume that it is all a matter of talent. It isn’t. Talent is a myth.

It is more so a matter of character and habits. Highly accomplished individuals differ from the “regular folk” because of who they are, and the personal habits that they developed that lead to their success.

Extraordinary people have made it a habit to:


 1. Uphold a Sense of Responsibility

People who do great things do not play the victim in life, they have a very strong sense of control in terms of how it turns out. They believe that they have the power to determine their fate, and they do.

These people do not maintain a defeatist attitude and “deal with the cards they’re dealt.” They play the game, and win.


2. Never Make Excuses

When you make an excuse to not do something that you know will benefit you, the only thing that accomplishes is delaying your success.

Your success and happiness are being stolen from you by your excuses. Guess what, excuses are a load of B.S. There is a difference between an obstacle and a barrier. An obstacle is something that you can get around, a barrier is something that you cannot. Most likely, all of your excuses are just obstacles.

If great people gave into their excuses, they would have never been great.

If you really want something, you will find a way to overcome your setbacks and you will get it. It will be hard, it will be painful, and it will take a lot of you; but you will have it. Period.

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3. Maintain Self-Discipline

There are lots of things that we may want in life that don’t benefit us. We want to have fun all the time. We want to eat junk food. We want watch a whole HBO series in one sitting. Self-discpline is recognizing the things in our life that in the long-run do not improve us and limiting them.

It’s having the capability to say, “no” when you need to.

You cannot achieve your goals if you do not develop the personal habit of self-discipline, it is another piece of the puzzle that can’t be missed. Self-discipline will enable you to focus on your long-term commitments and prevent life’s temptations from steering you down the wrong path.

4. Stick to Their Commitments

Success doesn’t just magically appear, you have to give a part of yourself up for it. It entails sacrifice, and it will test the faith that you have in yourself.

You must put in the time, you must cultivate patience, and you must stay the course with whatever you have committed yourself to. See it through until the end. Remember, failing isn’t a real failure, quitting is.

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5. Practice Self-Love

If you do not like yourself, you will not believe that you have the capability to achieve your dreams. One of the most prevalent markers of an accomplished individual is a positive self-image. This is the most important habit that you have to practice.

If you don’t love yourself, nothing else in your life will really matter as much as it should.

Learn to truly like who you are, and do not rely on the opinions of other people to verify your worthiness. You are valuable, and you have a lot to offer the world. Everyone potentially does. Believe this.


6. Make Learning a Priority

The accumulation of knowledge is a never-ending process. You can always learn more, and you can always improve yourself. Placing value on life-long learning will grow your mind and deepen your character. The world is in a constant state of change, never static.

What was relevant ten years ago has perhaps been disproven today, and it will serve you well to be aware of this.

“Not not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” – Harry S. Truman

Make it a habit to see knowledge as one of life’s goldmines, and don’t squander it.

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7. Always See the Good in Every Situation

You’ve heard this before, the power of positive thinking. Well, it really is some power. When you make it a habit to see the good in everything, you become much more resilient to stressful situations.

You cannot avoid the setbacks that will occur in your life, you can only learn how to react to them in a resourceful way. When you maintain a positive attitude even when it may seem everything has fallen to pieces, you will become unstoppable.

8. Be Humble

World-class people are not egomaniacs. External success, wealth and public adoration has been known to cloud the ability of people to objectively perceive themselves. When this occurs, it eventually spells disaster. Those who maintain a humble attitude are the ones who stay on top. They are balanced, and do not fall under the spell of an illusion.

No matter what you have accumulated in your life, you are still a human being. You enter this world and leave it just like everyone else. Never forget that.


9. Never Compromise Integrity

What is easy and what is right are often in conflict. Integrity isn’t some idealistic personality trait that we all ought to strive for. Integrity holds real value and it is ardently sought after.

Businesses know this, if your company is not one of integrity and tries to sell poor products, nobody will buy them.

People know this. You do not seek out dishonest and untrustworthy friends. Integrity governs a very real law in life, whatever you put out there will be returned to you. If you engage in actions that lack integrity, it will reflect on the quality of your life. All successful people know this.

10. Walk the Walk

There is nothing more revealing about someone’s quality of character than what they do. They can have countless dreams and ideas, but if they do not bring them into the physical world they are no different than the people who never thought them up in the first place.

Be a person of action, and don’t tell people how amazing you are. Show them.


Any Others?

This is not all there is. I know there is more, and if I have missed any personal habits that you feel are vital please let us know in the comments below.


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