How To Make Yourself Motivated – 5 Tips For Instant Results

In this video I offer 5 tips for how to make yourself motivated. They have all worked for me in the past on the days that I lacked the drive to work towards my goals. Some methods will work better than others depending on the circumstance, so feel free to experiment. Enjoy!

A Brief Breakdown of The Video


1. Expose Yourself to Motivational Content

This can be in the form of a video, audiobook, book, or any kind of content that serves to motivate you. This is the most obvious, but also the most effective method that I have utilized to give me that quick boost of motivation.

A good place to start is Youtube. Just type in “motivation” in the search bar and you will end up with a ton of inspirational videos at your convenience. Another great resource for awesome motivational videos and posts is Motivable. I’ve found many, many compelling videos there.

2. Write Down and Review A List of Benefits 

As I’ve mentioned on my how to be motivated to workout post, a list of benefits is very effective at providing an instant dose of motivation. When you remember why you are doing something and how it will transform you and your life, you will feel the urge to get to work.

It’s very important to review and refresh yourself with why you’re doing something on a regular basis.

3. Take a Walk Outside

The simple act of taking a walk and surrounding yourself with nature can have a grounding effect. I have found that I have a re-charged sense of motivation after a walk.

A study found that just 20 minutes of physical activity has a significant mood boosting benefit, take advantage of this. Another benefit of a short walk is that it tends to spark creativity and ideas. Once you have new ideas and thoughts bouncing around in your mind you cannot help but get excited about them.

4. Further Your Knowledge in the Field You Have Chosen

Reading about other people’s journeys who have similar goals to my own motivates me because I feel like I am part of something greater than myself. I experience a sense of community and belonging. It also makes me believe that my goals are possible, as being a part of a community instills a strong sense of belief and faith.

Reading content in your chosen field also gives you new insights and ideas to experiment with yourself. This can be very exciting and refreshing, and thus motivational!

5. Just Do It

Although this can be difficult, just the act of doing whatever you have committed yourself to will churn the wheels in your mind and spark the momentum. The first few minutes can be rough, but once you push past this everything will just start to flow and the whole process will become self-motivating. You will want to complete your task.


Main Takeaway

There will be days where you don’t want to do anything. You will have hard days, off days, stressful days, just “blah” days. Make sure that you stop yourself in your tracks and ask, “How bad do I want this?”

If you really want it, and your heart is screaming for it, this question will snap you back into a state of sobering clarity.

If you have conflicted feelings, and you aren’t sure if you really want what you’re striving towards, you are either on the wrong path or afraid to fail.

Is There Anything Else That Works For You To Motivate Yourself?

There are obviously more than 5 ways to create a strong sense of motivation in yourself, do you have any go-to strategies that you have found are effective? Feel free to help your fellow reader and add to the list in the comments below.


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