How To Deal With a Worry

Losing sleep and getting distracted over a worry? This video will give you a simple and effective three-step process for how to deal with a worry.

A Brief Breakdown of the Video

Step 1: Confront Your Worry Head On

You need to directly confront your problem, avoiding it will only result in it festering in your mind. The best way to do this is by simply sitting down and writing out your worry in as much detail and specificity as possible. The act of this itself is very emotionally cathartic. Getting the problem out of you onto paper will give you a feeling of lightness.

Once you can see your worry in all its detail in front of your eyes, you will have gained a sense of clarity. It will give you to see your worry more practically.

Step 2: Write Out Your Worst Case Scenario

Again, utilize a pen and paper and write out the worst case scenario that could result from your worry. When you do this, you are facing your fears head on. It’s actually quite empowering.

Also, you might realize that you worst case scenario isn’t all that bad, and that you have the capacity to deal with it if it should happen. Getting the worst case scenario out into the tangible world will again unburden it form your mind, you won’t have to carry it around and repeatedly think about it anymore.

Step 3: Resolve To Do Everything in Your Power To Ensure The Worst Case Won’t Occur

Whether or not you let you worry get the best of you, and effect your life is solely up to you. You are the master of your life and circumstances. If you embrace this fact you will gain a sense of control and peace, because it is not your outside life shaping you, it is you shaping your life.

Commit yourself to do everything in your power to create the best outcome for yourself. Believe that you have what it takes to overcome the obstacles of your worry, because you do.

This method has worked wonders for me on countless occasions, it is so incredibly resourceful. Don’t let a worry distract you from what is truly important in life.

Note: Although intuitively I discovered that writing out my problems was very effective, I learned this exact process from Brian Tracy’s The Psychology of Achievement

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  1. Chu Nam

    Nice thoughts, good voice. Sometime I also have some worries, most of case if I ignore it, then it take my mind notice, it is bad. so I learned from that is must done things as I can, then with things I can’t do I choose free with them instead worry so much.

    You make good job, keep it up.
    Thank you

    1. Lyra (Post author)

      You are right freeing yourself from the things you can’t control rather than letting them cloud your thoughts is the most resourceful thing you can do. I appreciate your kind words, thank you Chu.


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