The Characteristics of a Best Friend – Your "Keepers"

Having a best friend is one of the most life enhancing experiences you could ever be blessed with. Consider a true best friend a real treasure. How do you know if you’ve got one though? Here are the characteristics of a best friend that will answer your question.


They Tell You The Truth

Best friends always put their friend’s best interests first. They want the best for their best friend (yea, a little overkill there). Even if that means telling you a truth that you don’t necessarily want to know. Even if that means pissing you off initially, they will tell you what you need to hear.

An individual who has the courage to stand up to their best friend because they truly care about their well-being is definitely a keeper.

Take note that there is a difference between genuine honesty and destructive criticism. If your friend is calling you down and/or verbally attacking you, that is not friendship that is bullying.


They Accept You For Who You Are

Although relationships and friendships involve “bonding”, all healthy human relationships have a distinct element of freedom.

Your best friend will allow you to be yourself. They will accept and love you for who you are, now. He or she will never try to change you into someone they think is more suitable. If you feel this is happening, it’s a bad sign.

Nobody has the right to dictate who you can and can’t be, that is a matter solely up to you.

Also, if you start changing yourself and they react negatively to it, pay attention to this. Say you start a new diet, or a new workout routine, or anything that is an attempt to better yourself and you experience resistance from them–this is another red flag.

It’s a normal reaction for the people closest to you to resist you changing because it makes them question their own life and identity, so cut them some slack at first. However, if they try to prevent you from changing and discourage you repeatedly, you might want to reconsider your friendship or at least confront them about it.


They Are Loyal

A best friend will never backstab or abandon you in your time of need. There are no valid excuses for these actions. If they do, they don’t feel the same way about you.

What people do is the window that you can look through to their true character. That is the end result of everything they are.

Place importance on people’s actions.

If you are going to invest time and energy into someone, ensure that you do so a person who has the same feelings of commitment towards you. Life is a fleeting gift, and it is not wise to squander it on those who treat you poorly.


They “Get” You


It’s pretty obvious that best friends have commonalties. Often they share the same sense of humour or the same interests.

However, if you want to build a strong friendship that will last you a lifetime, make sure that you and your best friend share the same core values.

Your core values are an intrinsic, fundamental aspect of your character. Having these in common with someone will create a much deeper bond. A true best friend will understand your most important wants, aspirations, perceptions, opinions, etc. You will be able to relate to one another about these things.

Hobbies change, humour changes, but well-established values usually stand the test of time.


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So, do you think you’ve found a best friend? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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