The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton is a work that brings to light the power of personal belief from a biological perspective. Written be a well-established biologist, Bruce Lipton argues that our environment, and how we choose to interpret it has a far greater impact on our destinies than our genes do. Some of the main points that you will take away from this book are:

  • The fact that humans are comprised of billion of cells and understanding how cells operate will help us to better understand ourselves
  • Cells function the same way that a computer chip does, it is programmed from the outside, and its external environment dictates its responses rather than its DNA
  • All organisms communicate and sense environments by assessing energy fields
  • All cells acquiesce their autonomy over the authority, our brain
  • In response to our thoughts, cells are either in growth or protection mode, but they cannot be in both.
  • If cells remain in protection mode for too long it can result in biological disharmony and eventually lead to illness
  • A biological explanation of the soul based on the workings of the cell–the “self” does not exist in matter, rather our physical body is a projection of the self
  • Learning how to master your mind to promote growth is the secret to life


Is This Book For You?

This book is very technical, as well as philosophical. If you have an interest, even a slight interest in biology then this book is for you. You need to have a general knowledge of some basic biological terms (high school biology) in order to grasp a lot of the concepts explained throughout this work. If you don’t have this knowledge, then you need the patience to look up some terms on google.

If you feel you need science-backed evidence of the role our thoughts play in shaping our biology and our prospective to succeed, this is definitely up your alley. As pointed out earlier, this book will provide you with an account of how the soul operates through the eyes of a biologist.

Some of the concepts and ideas are deep, and they require a fair amount of brainpower to comprehend, so prepare yourself to get thoroughly mind-blown.

If you have zero interest in biology, quantum physics, or issues in our modern medical field this book is probably not for you as that is what the majority of it is about. There are whole chapters dedicated just to the technical aspects of how a cell operates, so if you are drawn to this book because you think it will teach you strategies to change your life, you won’t find that information here.


My Conclusion

I give this book a 7/10. There were many insightful findings that really got my gears going and left me with a sense of awe and wonder about life, but it just didn’t move me as much as other works have. It delivered on everything that it claimed to on the cover, but I finished the book with a feeling of “that’s it?”.

I felt like there should have been more.

The whole point of the book is to prove to you beyond a measure of doubt that your thoughts do in fact physically affect the state of your biology, and to present enough evidence to make the matter indisputable.

Personally I already knew this, just based on the happenings in my own life, so it was nothing new to me. However, this book has the potential to make a significant impact on someone who never considered the idea before.

I just felt like I couldn’t really apply anything meaningful from the book to my own life aside from the knowledge that my beliefs will affect my biology. There was no plan of action to take that would enable me to take advantage of it. He kind of just leaves that up to the reader to figure out. But, to each their own!

If you have read this work, feel free to let me know in the comments below what you think of it and how it affected you.




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