Set Goals Yourself

The following video is all about the importance of goals, and how key it is to set goals yourself. Without goals, you do not have any direction in your life. Many people do not “get anything done” throughout the course of their lives simply because of the fact that they did not set goals. They did not have a clear, specific picture of what they were working towards, and so there was nothing compelling enough to motivate them.

It crucial that you set goals for every area of your life. Your career, your finances, your interpersonal relationships, EVERYTHING!


For additional information on smart goal setting you can check out this resource that teaches you the most effective methods for setting goals and achieving them.

What are you top three goals in life? Writing them out will make them much more likely to become a reality. Feel free to share them in the comments below.


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  1. McKing

    Excellent video and great info of setting goals! It really push your brain to set an important goal!

    1. Lyra (Post author)

      Thanks McKing I appreciate your feedback!


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