The Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy

The Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy is a comprehensive personal development book that serves as a guide for anyone seeking out success and happiness in life. It is one of the most information dense self-help works that I have ever come across.

Some of the main points that one will take away from The Psychology of Achievement are:

  •  The classic characteristics of highly successful people
  • An overview of child psychology and how our parents shape our thought patterns for the rest of our lives
  • The most pervasive negative emotions that impede our success and how to eliminate them
  • A research-backed explanation of the subconscious and the power it has over the trajectory of our lives
  • Methods to access and program the subconscious used by top athletes, performers, and highly accomplished people
  • The critical role of goal setting for success and the most effective methods for setting goals
  • Questions to ask yourself to give you a clear, specific idea of what your passion/purpose is, and what direction to go in life
  • A concise summary of the importance of time management and the time management techniques that produce the best results
  • An explanation of the “superconscious” or “collective unconscious” and a historical account of its involvement with the creative process of well-known geniuses
  • Exercises to activate the “superconscious” and our creativity
  • Key principles for having superior human relations
  • Marital and romantic relationship advice


Is This Book For You?

I really believe that this book is for anyone. It’s easy to understand, straight to the point and absolutely chalk full of valuable information to take anyone to the next level of their living. Some people might not be ready to hear some of the major points in this book though. You have to be open-minded, and willing to take an honest, objective look at yourself and your life.

One of the major themes throughout The Psychology of Achievement is the truism that your life is a direct reflection of your choices and your thoughts. You are 100% responsible for how your life turns out. The mark of all self-made, eminent individuals is their unwavering belief that it is up to them and them alone to create the life they desire.

If you follow and dedicate yourself to some of the suggestions and methods presented in this book I believe that you can absolutely, without a doubt transform your life and give it meaning.

The beauty of it is you don’t have to have a strong background in reading or learning–and you don’t need to have any idea of what you should do with your life, or even what you want. This work will give you a step-by-step process of how to figure that out. Like I mentioned, you just need an open-mind and an earnest attitude.

 My Conclusion

I give this book a 9.5/10. It’s definitely worth every penny. Brian Tracy is one of my go-to experts on the subject of self-help, he’s been producing high quality personal development material for decades.

This is the first book I have ever read by him, but I have listened to many of his lectures and podcasts. Every time I listened to him I learned something new and most importantly, useful. I am so glad that I made the effort to seek out one of his actual books.

The best thing about his material is that he doesn’t just give an explanation of a concept–he will give the explanation, back it with research and studies, and then he will provide you with the strategies to implement it into your life. So you are aren’t just passively learning, he’s making it very easy for you to translate what you have learned into something tangible in your life that you can benefit from.

Honestly, this probably won’t be the last of Brian Tracy you see on my website, after having read this one book I’m hooked.

The only downside is that he can get a little bit monotone (I listened to the audio version) so if you’re tired and not in the learning mood, you won’t be able to absorb what he’s saying. Don’t expect this crazy, emotionally riling “I have a dream” speech. That’s not his style. Like I mentioned he is straight to the point and he uses simple, clear language.

If you even have the slightest interest in personal development, Brian Tracy is one of the best, if not the best place to start.


If you have ever read this book or any Brian Tracy books, feel free leave your opinion about it or anything else below in the comments.


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