How To Unlock Inner Power and Achieve Anything

There is a wisdom in you, it’s always been there. Perhaps you already know what it is you want in life, and even if you don’t this article will provide you guidance on how to unlock inner power so that you no longer have to want things in life, you will have them.


You Must Believe

You cannot realize your potential unless you believe that you are powerful, and not just believe it in your head. You must believe it with your body, with your heart, with all of yourself. Embody it.

There is a large amount of evidence that demonstrates the power of belief and even if what you believe isn’t actually true, your belief about it will determine whether or not it becomes a reality.

You must remember that you are powerful several times a day, and brainwash yourself into thinking that you can achieve anything you want. Yes, brainwash. Tell yourself this all the time, let it dominate your thoughts. There is a very old, well-known law of the universe and it can basically be summed up in six words:

“You become what you think about.” – Earl Nightingale

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Be very aware of this and start consciously telling yourself what you would like to have in life. Once you do this you will start to notice that you are searching for opportunities and for ways in which to attain your desires. Which leads me to my next point:


Seek Out The Right Information

I’m sure you know that you cannot learn to do anything or achieve anything if you do not have the right information to show you how. This is where knowledge is involved. In order to get what it is you want you have figure out what you need to learn.

You might not have a step-by-step path set before you, but you will have an idea of what your first step should be. For example if you want to be a singer start taking voice lessons. Build the skills within yourself to realize your dreams. This is not easy, this is what causes many to falter.

You might believe that you are capable, but if you aren’t willing to put in the work that is required to reap the rewards you will not see results. Depending on what it is you want it might take years to accomplish. It might take years to prepare yourself for it.

Let me ask you something, how bad do you want it?

Also, let me point out that even if it does take years you’re going to age either way. If it takes seven years to become a master at something or to build a successful business, you are going to be seven years older anyways. What then?

Would you rather have worked for something those seven years or shriveled away from the thought of the time and energy it would cost you. Don’t dissipate that energy, it’s there for you to create a fulfilling life with.

Nothing that is truly important to you will come easy. That is what makes it so valuable in the first place, that fact that it is hard to get. Once you do though you’ll see who you’ve become, and that is the real treasure.


Take Action

Once you have sorted out what it is you should be learning and you have learned it, take action. Ideas and knowledge are useless if you do not do anything with them. Sometimes this requires courage, the fear of failure may hold you back. If this should occur refresh yourself with my first point, and remember that you have it in you to achieve whatever you want.

Take a leap of faith, and feel assured that you have done your best to strive for your dreams when the time has come to put yourself out there. This is such an exhilarating, beautiful moment in life.

When that singer has gone to all those voice lessons and practiced in her bedroom mirror night upon night, and she finally musters up the bravery to attempt her first stage performance–what a moment! This is life, this is a moment we were born to live. You were born to do something amazing and turn it into a reality. If you believe that you can, learn how to and reach for it, you will have unlocked inner power.

What do you think your inner power is going to accomplish? Leave a comment below.




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  1. Howie

    What a great article and awesome advice!I am right on the same page with you regarding these key fundamental steps, especially the last one, which sounds a lot easier than it is and I see people get hung up on all the time. Without taking action, the rest can become meaningless. I love the layout and design of your site too. I have it bookmarked and will definitely be back. All the best!

    1. Lyra (Post author)

      Thank you Howie I’m glad you found my site to your liking. Taking action is the scariest part of progress, it’s that leap of faith that has to capability to hold us all back. Facing it head on is one of the most transformational things that someone can do in their life. Hope to see you back!

  2. Chu Nam

    Hi Lyra

    First of all, I want to talk that you have solid experience on things happen in your life to write things above. And I absolutely agree with you we must believe, must get right information and take action. And I also want talk with you my quote of my life is: “Work hard, learn hard, do things with my best, friendly, be kind person, never give up and live happy”

    I love your thoughts, want to hear more your story and experience in life.

    Nice article, thank you!

    1. Lyra (Post author)

      Hello Chu,

      I am glad you liked my article, I had to learn some of those things the hard way and they more people I can spread this information to the better. Thanks for visiting my site 🙂


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